Monday, May 4, 2009


I just got up from my nap, I had an hour 46 minute nap today. As usual I complained when mommy told me it's nap time. I do ran away too from mommy and cry when mommy say it's bed time at night. Sometimes I dont really feel like taking a nap... I just want to play and play eventhough I do feel better when I wake up from my nap. But thanks to my mom who knows best for me. Mommy said tots like me needs nap everyday so we'll grow faster and stronger. This morning my dad gave me oatmeal with oatbran and grind flaxseeds, dad said flaxseeds is good for me it is rich in omega 3 which will make me smarter, thanks to u too dad. While dad is feeding me mom is on the computer blog dropping. I'm going to my brother's baseball game later in the afternoon, games starts @ 5 pm, so i'll be posting later too who wins the game. Someday i'll join the Tball too. I knew my 2 twin bro will be coaching me someday and of course my dad too.


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