Monday, May 4, 2009

How I Came Here

It started when daddy met mommy. They met through the internet called yahoo chat which is I dont know what that means yet. Anyway I knew they are a perfect match cause they show me everyday how much they love each other. Daddy is an African/American he was 36 yrs old when he met my 26 yrs old Filipino mommy. My mommy said she's from the Philippines, I haven't been there yet but they told me we will be visiting next year to meet my mother side family. Cant wait to meet Lolo, Lola,
tito, tita, cousins and all relatives

This is my mom and dad in hongkong when they first met. It was October 27, 2004

Mommy got here in the US September 5th 2006, they got married November 5th of the same year in Reno Nevada. Mom found out that she was pregnant of me December 27th 2006. I knew they were so happy and thankful to God. So dad told the news to my older brother, who are happy too to have me.
Conceiving me is not easy especially the first tri-mester. Mommy rejected so much foods and she always have morning sickness which is I do not understand cause she have morning sickness anytime of the day even at night. Mommy did a very good job taking care of me when I was inside of her. She tried not to missed our daily vitamins, she gave me Omega 3(fish oil) for my heart and brain, calcium for my bones. I'm am happy when I feel my mom and dad's hand, and listen to their voice every time they talk to me, I feel dads ears and face on through moms stomach when he tried to listen to my heart beat, so i gave them kicks to let them know I'm here. I got lot of hi cups when I was still inside which I still do get till now from time to time.

Me when I was just born

Then after 9 months, I knew it's time for me to see the world. At first I hesitate to come out. I like being inside mommy's, I like being so close to mommy, I love hearing her heartbeat, which is most of the time it's in sync with my heartbeat. It's so soft and warm, so comfy inside. Mommy tried to push me out for more that 3 hours, I knew I was making mommy so tired, I'm getting tired too but I want to stay inside mommy's, The lady midwife told me to come out and not be afraid, Daddy was there too, he was there beside mommy all the time so excited to see me. But I do want to stay, then here comes 5 nurses and midwife in addition to the midwife that already tending of mommy and me, and this guy, they call him doctor, he have this thing on his hand, he put it on my head and then pulled me out. I was so scared, it's so bright and cold, so I cried till they put me beside mommy. I knew it's a new big world for me but I have my mommy and daddy and big brothers and I realized it's ok. It feels good being in my moms arm too. And there I got my very first kiss, it was from mommy then my daddy. I was born September 1st 2007 @ 2:16 AM. I was 8lbs 4.8 oz and 53" long. They said I look like my daddy but got my mom's lips. The first day was not easy for me and mommy, but things got better as days gone by.

I wore a penguin costume on my first Halloween


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