Tuesday, May 5, 2009


My parents took me to the baseball league game of my older brother Jordan. My Bro had games twice a week, sometimes my parents takes me and my sister to the Ball park to watch game. I dont know whats going on there yet, but I see they bat the ball and other kids try to catch it. It's kinda interesting but I think I'm still too young to understand about it. So exploring the dirt and picking up sticks interest me more than watching my brother play. My brother's team lost the game by 4/10 but Dad said my brother did a good job on defense cause he made 3 kids out. Someday i'll be playing baseball too just like my dads and bro.


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Rowena, Thank you for visiting my blog: overthetopaprons.blogspot.com I appreciate your nice comment about my aprons. I am not sure what you meant by "please add me back" ... would you mind letting me know what you were referring to. thanks!

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